Video Submission

The following points should be considered and used as a guideline when creating your 8 minute video:

  • Clear introductory slide
  • Engaging beginning (e.g. tell a story or ask a question)
  • Identify the problem or need
  • Introduce the solution and/or technology, product, or service
  • Introduce minimum viable product (MVP) or prototype, if relevant
  • Highlight the value proposition of the solution
  • State the assumptions made
  • Use the business model canvas to explain the business model
  • Explain the questions and hypotheses tested
  • Explain customer discovery and validation process, be specific (e.g. surveys, interviews)
  • Link results to business model decisions
  • Explain any pivots, if relevant
  • Identify size of the opportunity and explain the rationale behind the estimates
  • Outline lessons learned
  • Summarize number of pivots and interviews

During Canada’s Business Model Competition 2014, third place winner Santé West submitted the following video: